Find A Unique Christmas Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

A unique gift is a must for someone who has everything so we have gone out and found a great list for unique gift ideas for you. We have a great selection such as retro, personalized, historical, unique works of art, affordable luxury gifts, baby boomer presents and so many more. I update often so do bookmark us and check back!

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Personally Picked Unique Gift Ideas

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The Eternal Zen Water Canvas

The Eternal Zen Water Canvas.

This is the canvas that reinforces a perpetual zen-like mindset when its owner’s water-based, slate-grey creations evaporate in minutes. Made from a proprietary, natural material, the canvas absorbs water from strokes made with the included brush, which disappear in about three minutes, encouraging one to live in the moment.

Telepresence Parental Robot

The Telepresence Parental Robot.

This is the telepresence robot that you control from anywhere in the world for realtime video chatting with family members at home. The robot connects to a home’s wireless network and holds an iPad or Android-powered tablet (not included) in its cradle. Using a smartphone or another tablet you can maneuver the three-wheeled robot through your home, tilt and swivel its tablet, and engage in humanoid-like video conferencing with loved ones.

Automatic Star Aligning Telescope

The Automatic Star Aligning Telescope.

Unlike other telescopes that require you to input data such as time, date, or zip code for initial set-up, this one performs all the work for you with the flip of a switch. It uses a GPS module to gather the date, time, and location automatically, then orients itself relative to the night sky. Its built-in CCD camera locates a pair of alignment stars from its database of 100,000 celestial objects. The handheld controller allows you to select any number of galaxies, nebulae, stars, or planets; a press of the “Go To” button slews the scope to your selection.

The Short Range Wide Screen Projector

The Short Range Wide Screen Projector.

This is the projector that displays images up to 50" wide from less than 1' away. The projector combines a state of the art DLP chip, condenser lens, and hybrid LED-laser light source to project widescreen-television-sized images when the projector is only 11 1/2" from the wall or screen. 1280 x 800 resolution and 3,100-lumen rating combine to project crisp, bright images with precise color reproduction.

Full Immersion Computer Goggles

The Full Immersion Computer Goggles.

These are the wireless goggles that create the immersive experience of a personal 100" High Definition computer screen. The goggles come pre-loaded with Android apps that support streaming video and audio anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available. The 1080p wide-screen video and rich stereo sound let users escape their surroundings to watch movies, play video games, surf social media, and check email from within a virtual environment that simulates a front-row seat in your own private theater.

The Oenephile's Chastity Conundrum

The Oenephile's Chastity Conundrum.

This is the wooden puzzle that keeps a cherished wine’s virtue intact by confounding would-be quaffers from cracking its corded code. A wooden cage secures a bottle’s bottom while a mortise and tenon joint that caps a bottle’s top “locks” into place with a corkscrew “pin”. A cord connecting the bottom and top wraps around the corkscrew in a manner sure to deceive the desperate into thinking that a simple unraveling can easily release the bottle for indulgent imbibing.

Cat Ear Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones

She can enjoy her music privately or turn on the cat ear speakers to share with friends. LED accent lights on cat ear speakers and earcups make a statement anywhere. Speakers and lights are controlled independently. Over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction and a secure fit.

Electric Gyroboard Transporter

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter.

This is the electric transporter controlled entirely by subtle movements in a rider’s feet. Gyro sensors and accelerometers in both wheels detect the slightest pressure of the rider’s feet. Simply pressing down with the toes of both feet propels the transporter forward and leaning on your heels stops the device or initiates backward movement.

Kashmiri Hand-Carved Wooden Book/Tablet Easel

Kashmiri Hand-Carved Wooden Book/Tablet Easel

A functional work of art on its own, this 3-position, fold-flat Kashmiri Hand-Carved Wooden Book/Tablet Easel supports and displays a book or electronic tablet for easy reading. Exquisitely hand-carved with a Kashmiri-inspired floral vine motif, this is a sustainably harvested sheesham wood stand.

The Tabletop Fireplace

The Tabletop Fireplace.

This is the liquid fuel fireplace that rests on any stable surface and provides the color, crackle, and comfort of a wood-burning fire without smoke, smells, or sparks. Using recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor and carbon dioxide, the clean-burning, portable fireplace yields a bright yellow, orange, and red 7"-high flame that flickers without fumes. Generating up to 8,500 BTUs per hour (depending upon damper setting), it heats a 325' sq. area, making it ideal for intimate gatherings around an empty fireplace, coffee table, or stand.

The Laser Fit Auto Floor Mats (Front And Back)

The Laser Fit Auto Floor Mats (Front And Back).

These are the auto floor mats that are precisely laser fit to a car’s floor plan for the ultimate protection against moisture, dirt, and spills. The mats are made from a durable proprietary resin that will not curl or crack, with nibs and anti-skid ridges that grab the underlying carpet so they stay in place without bunching up. Deep channels grab dirt and melted snow from footwear and trap it away from carpet in a lower reservoir below shoes and pants.

The Mirror Or Luminous Sky Portal

The Mirror Or Luminous Sky Portal.

This is the mirror that displays three-dimensional, luminous clouds that billow around one’s reflection. Three-dimensional, high-definition video of actual cloud formations appear on the mirror’s surface, creating a transcendent experience when looking at one’s reflection. The 80 frames of HD video create unique cloud formations and the LED back lighting creates radiant beams that cast a lustrous, celestial glow from within the cloud formations.

The Back Up Battery Bike Mount

The Back Up Battery Bike Mount.

This is the bike mount that not only keeps your iPhone 5 dry and protected while you ride, but also prolongs its battery life. An ideal companion on long cycling tours, the case’s integrated 3,000 mAh battery delivers two full charges to an iPhone for extended use of power-sapping navigation, music, and biking apps. The silicon-lined polycarbonate case keeps an iPhone free from dust, dirt, shocks, and moisture while leaving all of the device’s buttons, jacks, and cameras completely accessible.

The Comfortable TV Listening Headband

The Comfortable TV Listening Headband.

This is the headband with integrated wireless speakers that is comfortable enough to be worn while sleeping. Developed exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer, the soft fleece headband features lightweight, ultra-thin stereo speakers that receive audio sent wirelessly from a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to your TV. Unlike ear buds or headphones with oversized earcups, this unobtrusive headband lets you listen privately to TV programs as your head rests comfortably against a pillow.

The Personalized Bobblehead

The Personalized Bobblehead.

This is the personalized bobblehead novelty that features the unique facial features of a family member, friend, or foe. Artisans sculpt a poly-clay model from a photograph of a subject, taking a full three weeks to capture the subtle nuances of a subject's facial contours, smile, and hair. Clothing, talents, hobbies, or any other details that reflect the unique character of a subject may be specified, including accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, hats, and more.

The World's First 3D Printing Pen

The World's First 3D Printing Pen.

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings. Artists can download blueprints of a 6"-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, or even Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Mosque, trace the designs and mend them together with the 3D pen, creating hand-drawn three-dimensional objects.

The Call Me Gloves - For Both Men & Women

The Call Me Gloves.

These touchscreen winter gloves allow the wearer to wirelessly conduct cell phone calls by assuming the universal "call me" gesture. With a speaker inside the left thumb and a microphone inside the left pinkie, wearers simply hold the thumb to the ear and the pinkie to the mouth for convenient "two-digit" calling. The gloves pair wirelessly with a cell phone via Bluetooth technology and provide clear sound even 39' from the phone. Buttons on the left cuff, easily maneuvered while wearing the right glove, answer or disconnect a call.

The Cyclist's Virtual Safety Lane

The Cyclist's Virtual Safety Lane.

This is the device that mounts to a bicycle's seat post and projects two 5-milliwat red lasers onto the ground, generating a virtual bicycle lane. Providing motorists with a visual indicator of a cyclist's riding width, it is ideal for increasing the safety margin around a cyclist during pre-dawn or dusk rides. Visible under headlights and streetlights from over a mile away, the 6'-long lane begins mid-cycle at the seat post and extends behind. An additional five red LEDs increase visibility as a standard blinking taillight.

The Better Infant Airplane Seat

The Better Infant Airplane Seat.

This is the infant’s airplane seat that provides a safer, more comfortable flight than holding a baby in your arms or lap. Designed for little jet-setters weighing less than 25 lbs., the top fastens around an upright tray table while the bottom buckles around an adult’s waist to create a spacious hammock. A baby is buckled in safely with a five-point harness, leaving a parent’s hands free while a child faces backward for playing and feeding. The hammock is approved for use during the cruising portion of a flight and works even while the seat in front is reclined.

More Unique Gift Ideas

A Great Selection of Unique Gifts

Shop Soft Surroundings' Gifts!You will find unique clothing, home decor, jewelry and so much more! Terrific gifts for everyone on your list.



Soft Surroundings' Great Gifts! Shop Now!

Unique Historical Gifts

They are the online store of the Smithsonian Institution. Each of the products they offer are inspired by the interesting, unique and historic items found in the vast collections of the Smithsonian museums. They offer jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, books, toys and more.

All purchases support the mission of the Smithsonian, and help fund the Smithsonian Institution's museums, educational programs and exhibitions.

They ship to the USA and Canada.


Shop Smithsonian Store!

One-of-a-kind Jewelry

JEGEM.com ~  Premier Turquoise JewelryHere you can find truly one-of-a-kind artisan handcrafted jewelry as what you pick they actually make for you. Yes each piece is custom made! Here you will find a diverse range of gorgeous gemstones such as opals, amethyst, and so many more in unique sterling silver and gold settings all 60% to 80% below retail!

They ship to USA, Canada and internationally and offer Free Express Premium Shipping Service on any order above $250.




Here is a sample of some of their unique jewelry. Click the image to view the gift.

Unique & Unusul Gifts

Give the Unexpected: Hammacher Schlemmer Gift GuideThey are "the place to go for things hard to find." You will find gifts such as a large selection of electronics (including gadgets, cameras and more), apparel (from hats to shoes and everything in-between), home (decorative, practical and safety) sports & leisure (indoor, outdoor and memorabilia), toys for young and old, personal care (from exercise to soul soothing gifts), outdoor gifts from furniture to outdoor games, and so much more.

They ship to the USA and Canada.

Duty Free Items to Canada - Shop Here!


Shop Hammacher!

Unique Artisan Gifts

Shop unique artisan gifts at Novica!The are the leading provider of worldwide fine art, home decor, and artisan crafted jewelry. The offer more than 30,000 unique, handmade works of art. These gifts are unique plus you get a picture and description of the artisian who created the gift.

I have purchased several items myself and love them!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


Shop Novica!

Unique Leather Gifts

Shop unique leather gifts!They offer men's exotic leather accessories. They use a variety of leathers, colors and textures to create their gifts that include belts, cuffs, passport holders, mobile phone cases, wallets, iPad cases, money clips and so much more. Don't forget women would love many of these items too! I love their unique work and designs.

They ship within the USA.

Tom Barrington Leather Goods - Shop Now!

Unique Life Experiences

Pick up a unique experience Christmas gift!Whether a VIP shopping experience, an original song, a hot air baloon ride, a dinner night cruise on a yacht, or driving a race car, and so much more, they offer the perfect gift for the someone who has everything.

They offer over 2,000 unique experiential gifts in 43 regions.



Shop Cloud 9 Living!

Fun & Geeky Gifts

Free ShippingFrom apparel to gadgets and computer accessories to caffeine, to everything bacon, to Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory and so many more fun gifts. They are a one-stop shop for everything fun & geeky. Check out their customized products! They have great kids gifts too.


Shop Think Geek!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters & More!

Christmas is right around the corner, and it's officially the last minute to put together your holiday wardrobe and purchase all your last minute gifts!

Did you know National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is December 18th where millions of people will celebrate – in their most true and ugliest fashions? Pick it up today!

Free Shipping on Orders $75+



Shop Now!

One-Of-A-Kind Personalized Gifts

15% off Personalized Holiday Gifts and Decor from Personal Creations - 180x150They offer thousands of one-of-a-kind gifts. There are so many great items I bet you'll get something for yourself! Find the perfect perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, babies, Christmas or any special occasion.



Free shipping on orders $49 or more on personalized gifts - Shop Personal Creations!

Warner Bros. Goodies

Free Shipping on 1000's of ItemsThey carry a large selection of WB movies and TV shows. They also offers great merchandise for all of so many favorite Warner Bros. characters, including Harry Potter, Batman, Supernatural, and more! Plus a large selection of clothing, collectibles, accessories, and more.



Great Gifts for Everyone at WBshop - Shop Now!

Great Gifts For Canadian Shoppers

The Canadian shopping hotspot for great gifts - shop The Bay!They are Canada's leading department store with an established reputation for quality, service and style. They offer a broad selection of gifts, including women's and men's fashions, shoes, accessories, home and beauty products, and so much more.

They ship within Canada.


The Canadian shopping hotspot for great gifts - Shop Now!

Pizza Club

Shop the Pizza Club!Your gift recipient will receive three different 9-inch Chicago Style deep dish gourmet pizzas each month. It comes shipped in a free, reusable cooler.

Free shipping within the continental U.S.





Pizza of the Month Club - Shop Now!

Unique Artisan Gifts

Shop Today!This is a unique site in more ways than one. They showcase independent craft makers and their incredible gifts located in cities around the USA. To date they have 26 cities. These artisan goods range from handmade jewelry to craft furnishings and all sorts of wonderful things inbetween.

When you see something you like they show you that and other items the artisan has created. They also introduce you to the artisan and provide a brief bio.

They ship within the USA. Free shpping on all orders over $75.

Inspired good from independent makers - Shop Scoutmob!

Specialty Gifts

Shop Brookstone!They offer unique gifts and innovative products for home, travel, office, electronic, toys and so much more. You will find that they carry many gifts that are not not widely available. Also check out their extension selection of Christmas oranaments and decor!


Shop Brookstone!

Unique Personalized Gifts

Shop PersonalizationMallNothing says, "You're Special" like personalized gifts! It shows you went out of your way to find the perfect gift and to personalize it to make it theirs alone - a great unique Christmas gift.


Find Thousands of Gifts Shop Now!

Unique Design Gifts

For more than 17 years, Design Toscano has introduced exclusive sculptures, furniture, statues, wall art, and decorative furnishings to passionate consumers eager to surround themselves with unique and extraordinary objects.

Shop Design Toscano


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Canadian Gifts

Free Shipping at chapters.indigo.caThey are the leading Canadian destination for online shoppers seeking books, videos, DVDs and gift products.


Free Shipping On Orders Over $25 Shop Now!

Give The Gift Of History

Give the gift of history with Ancestory!They are the world's largest online family history resource, with more than 10 billion records. Give them a gift of history, a unique, and special, gift to give!

Canadians Shop Here!

Give the gift of a new Ancestry.com Membership! Shop Now!



Unique & Unusual Gifts

PotpourriChoose from hundreds of unique, affordable gifts from the Potpourri in various different styles. You are bound to find a unique gift for all sorts of people on your list.

Shop Now!

Hollywood Gifts

Entertainment Products!They has the hottest Hollywood merchandise, which includes collectibles, memorabilia, party supplies and apparel.


Movie, Celebrity & TV Memorabilia & Merchandise, 3000+ items! Shop Now!

Gifts For The Kid In All Of Us

Fun & Unique GiftsThey are home to the largest selection of fun and functional gifts. These are a must see!



Shop Perpetual Kid

Fun Watches & More

Shop Whimsical Gifts!Whether you're buying holiday gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Son, Daughter, or your favorite Teacher, their whimsical items make the perfect gift.


Shop Whimsical Gifts!

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A Variety Of Items

Barnes & Noble is the Internet's Largest Bookstore. They carry books, DVDs, music, toys, games, home items, exclusive items, gifts and more! You can find gifts perfect for a birthday, anniversary and more.

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


Shop BN!

Unique Luxury Gifts

CrossThey sell more than just pens and pencils - they have expanded to include affordable luxury items such as watches, leather agendas, business bags and totes, reading glasses and desk accessories. Their product lines cater to both men and women, and they also offer online gift certificates.


Great New gifts only at Cross Shop Now!

Old Time Candy

Candy you ate as a kid®

Decade Boxes of candy make great gift ideas! They are available from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or All Decades. They come in 4lb or 2lb sizes and are jammed with many Candy you ate as a kid® favorites, 60 different candies with some duplicates.


Decade Boxes of candy make great gift!


Shop Old Time Candy!

Unique Italian Gifts

Shop unique gifts at Forzieri!

They are the World's Shopping Landmark for True Italian Luxury online featuring the latest collections from 200+ ultra-exclusive brands, from the globally renowned designers to gem-like local artisans. Specializing in one-of-a-kind Jewelry, Handbags, Leather Goods, Shoes and more, They epitomize the magic of Italian style in a magical virtual luxury loft.


CANADA - Shop Here!

UK - Shop Here!


USA - Shop Now!


Unique American Artisan Gifts

At Modern Artisans you'll find jewelry, contemporary wall decor, garden art and accessories for the home handcrafted by skilled American artisans. Their unique selection of products includes contemporary wall decor, metal wall art, handmade leather journals, artisan jewelry, garden art, one of a kind American home furnishings, and contemporary home accessories .

Unique gifts for unique people Shop Now!

Unique Bar Gifts

Hand Crafted Personalized Gifts

They are an entertaining super store. They feature unique home bar accessories and supplies, BBQ tools, wine related gifts for weddings, birthdays Christmas and so much more!

Lots of great man cave gifts as well.

A great place to check out!



Shop Home Wet Bar!

Cigar Club

Shop Cigar of the Month Club!Your gift recipient will receive humidor-fresh, Five aromatic, easy-smoking, imported premium cigars delivered monthly. A free cigar cutter is included.

Free shipping within the continental U.S.

Get $10 Off your 6 Month Membership + Free Shipping! Use Coupon Code: Discount1



Cigar of the Month Club - Shop Now!

Personalized M&M's

Give the gift of personalized M&M's

Personalized MY M&M’S® Candies are great for Christmas gifts, party favors, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, holidays, corporate events, sporting events, tradeshows, corporate gifts and more.


Shop My M&M's

Faith Gifts

Shop Christian gifts, cards, decor, and more!They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of Christian cards, gifts, jewelry, art, decor and more!



Shop DaySpring

A Tree In Their Name

Tree Givers plants trees as part of the reforestation efforts in all 50 states, to honor special individuals... on special occasions...by planting a tree in their name. The gift includes: the tree planted in any state, they then send the recipient a 8" x 10" Certifiate of Planting along with a letter/hand written card to notify them of the planting and as a keepsake.


Give a gift that lasts forever - Shop Now!

Unique Retro Gifts

Cool Retro Gifts and Decor from RetroPlanet.com

RetroPlanet is the leading provider of cool Retro Gifts, Collectibles and Decor - from cards to furniture you will find something unique here. Retro Planet ~ Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson Decor and Collectibles


Cool Retro Gifts from Retro Planet Shop Now!

Entertainment Savings

Pick up the entertainment book today!This is the best coupon book on the market (I have many myself and given it as gifts). When you give this gift they will save on restaurants, local attractions, hotels, travel, groceries and more! There are 126 local Entertainment editions, covering every major city throughout North America. This makes a great gift that they can enjoy for a long time.



Shop Now!

Collectable Gifts

Christmas Decorations and more from The Bradford ExchangeThey offer thousands of diverse products, including the works of many well-known artists and brands: Thomas Kinkade(R), The Bradford Exchange(R), The Ashton-Drake Galleries(R), and many others.

You will find unique gifts for anyone on your list.





Shop The Bradford Exchange!

View More Unique Gifts Here!